26 June 2012

four heads are better than one

it's always a good day when you get an email from a fellow blogger asking for your address.  that's happened a few times recently, including once where i received the request from steelehere, he of 1207 consecutive games.  it turns out, just as it did with night owl, rob had an extra infield bobblehead and wanted to send it my way.
sweet.  i think i first learned of the bobblehead thanks to either dodgerbobble or roberto (get well soon, buddy) and knew that i was going to overpay for one.  thanks to a friendly socal blogger, i didn't have to.

it's not the first time the infield has been the focus of a stadium giveaway, though.  i dug out my 1991 dodgers unocal pin featuring the record setting infield to prove that point.
still, the bobblehead is pretty darn cool.  and, it displays on my desk much better than a pin would.  i guess i could put the pin on a hat, but who puts pins on their hats other than olympic superfans?  anyway, i took some pictures of the box for posterity's sake.

here's the picture of what's inside.
the infielders seem a bit more evenly spaced than they are on my bobble.  on mine, as you can see above, it's as if the three double digit wearing dodgers are trying to be as far away from steve garvey as they can.  in fact, bill russell's head won't bobble individually - it has to take the penguin's and davey lopes' heads along for the ride.

here's the image that the bobblehead sculptors(?) tried to recreate.
i think the image is from 1978, as it appears on the front of the team's 1979 photo album.  it's also reproduced in the playbill that was handed out at the game.  rob sent one of those for me, too.  i didn't scan any of it, but i was surprised to read that the phillies tried to trade for garvey back in '72 or '73 before he was permanently installed at first base.  al campanis was offered willie montanez for the garv and turned it down.  that's not as much of a no-brainer as it might seem - montanez had put up some good power numbers in '72 and '73, although at that time he was playing more outfield than first base, and with wes parker having retired, i am guessing campanis wanted to keep garvey to back up billy buckner who had been given the first crack at replacing parker.

here's one of the sides of the box
not a bad resume for a foursome...

here's the other side
lots of good bobbleheads yet to come - karros, gibby (with a bobble arm!), fernando, koufax, and even good ol' vin scully.

i like the dodgers' logo patch for the 50th year of dodger stadium
it would be nice for the new owners to enhance the stadium as was done in boston and make sure it's around for another 50.

rob, thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me the infield.  you know i appreciate it.


steelehere said...

Thanks for the write up (and the always entering blogs).

I'll keep you in mind if my wife and I go to any other games this year where she doesn't want to keep the give away.

MrMopar said...

Those are WAY more popular on ebay than I expected. I was not going to pay more than $30 delivered for one, which was about $10 more than I wanted to pay, but after seeing them pre-sell very well, I settled and landed one for around $30. I was actually disappointed when it arrived, because the damn thing is so SMALL! I guess I was expecting a larger piece, with each player being the size of a more common bobber.

Oh well, they are still selling amazingly strong even a month+ after the promotion.

There is some sort of little program or booklet that was available at the game I believe, which shows the 4 players on the cover. I only have seen one sell alone (yep, I won it), but a few people have included them with the bobble too.