14 June 2012

the proof is in the picture

i believe that i recall where i was the evening of april 25, 1995 thanks to antonio osuna.  osuna was a pitcher for the dodgers who made his major league debut that night in a game against the marlins.  it was the first game after the strike had been settled, and i was watching the game with a buddy of mine.
i am pretty sure that it was this game because neither of us had heard of osuna before, and we both did double takes as he was pitching.  that's because osuna was wearing the largest pendant we had ever seen a baseball player wear on a chain.  around his neck was something bigger than a dogtag - it was a license plate.  i believe someone even commented on jim rome's radio show the next day about the thing around osuna's neck.

here's his 1995 topps stadium club card that shows what i am talking about.
here's a detail that makes it easier to see
he may think you are looking at his four seamer, but you're really staring at his jewelry, aren't you?  i am guessing that he was told he couldn't wear the thing anymore, because i don't recall seeing it after his debut.  every time i saw an osuna card i would immediately look for evidence of the necklace, but was disappointed until i came across this particular card.

it's good to know i wasn't seeing things.  other than a really big thing around his neck.

here's to you, antonio osuna - you and your necklace!

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