06 June 2012

the steve garvey pentafecta

someday i will have all of my steve garvey cards scanned.  until then, it's mostly the new stuff that makes it on to the blog as it is much easier to scan cards on the way in than to go grab the garvey binders and extract a card to be scanned.  anyway, i do have enough scans to finish my first post of any of the trifectas or quadfectas or pentafectas that i own.

so, the pentafecta includes a 1/1, a patch, an auto, a relic, and a rookie card of the same player.  here's one of the garvey 1/1 cards i own - a 2008 topps sterling card
look at how small the photo is up there!  now, this is a 1/1 only because of the patch, i believe.  there are other garvey 1/1 cards from this set (i've seen a lot of padres versions) that are pretty ridiculous with the patch layout.  still, it says 1/1 and therefore meets the criteria.

i've shown another patch card of the garv before, and i'll show it again because it is my favorite - his 2001 leaf certified materials fabric of the game card, numbered 6/6
love the red wool patch.

for the autograph, i will show this card - a 1999 upper deck retro card
that was the first card i ever purchased on ebay.  maybe the second, but i do recall it being the first card that arrived after my initial ebay buying spree.

here's a plain ol' jersey card that i own - a 2011 topps marquee titanic threads card
with another tiny photo

finally, garvey's rookie card - his 1971 topps
i'm not sure who else i have reached the pentafecta level with - bill russell maybe.  i'll have to look and see.  i'll have to get around to pulling cards from binders, though, and that might take a while.


Captain Canuck said...

pentafectas? quadfectas? I'm going to need a dictionary and a thesaurus here fairly quickly.

night owl said...


You people and your fancy math words.

Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet pentafecta! Glad to see it's catching on!