24 June 2012

howe about that!

i was very happy with topps in 1983.  after a disappointing (to me) set in 1982, they came back with a 'porthole' design that i liked.  it seemed to me to be a bit of a nod to the set from 20 years earlier, but with a more modern feel.  anyway, i also liked it because ron cey and steve garvey were still shown as dodgers.  plus there was this steve howe card.
featuring a photo from candlestick (or maybe jack murphy?), we see howe looking in for the sign, with steve garvey lurking in the background.  that's bonus garvey!  at least my 12-year old self was convinced that it was the garv.  we know he played in every game on the dodgers' schedule in 1982, and since he played in every inning of every game steve howe pitched in at san diego and san francisco in 1982, i still feel confident that steve garvey lurks on that card.  i wish there more of these, like the 1985 topps dick williams card that i saw for the first time in 27 years on friday.  i did not realize that garvey was on that card, so thanks for sharing it, greg.

the steve howe card above and the rest of these cards were sent to me by kyle from just a bit outside

here's a jackie robinson card from upper deck's 1994 american epic set that accompanied the ken burns baseball documentary
it looks like a sonic or a quaker oats card thanks to the lack of any logos.  still, it's jackie and it's a nice card to have.  there was a smaller set put out by upper deck for general motors that used the same design, but this one comes from the larger set.

here's a darryl strawberry hologram from upper deck in 1993
this is not the first time that someone has sent me an upper deck strawberry card from 1993 that i had no idea existed.  this one if from some set called 'diamond gallery'.

nomar!  from 2007 upper deck
usually i would complain about the fact that upper deck had two cards for pretty much every player in their 2007 set, but i am glad to get as many cards featuring nomar in a dodger uniform as i can get.

here's a 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee card of andre ethier.
i am still chasing this set, so if you have any of the cards i need, please let me know.

i sat out the allen & ginter chase last year, so this was the first time i had seen this 2011 topps allen & ginter rafael furcal card
another release i avoided in 2011 was lineage.  i bought a single pack at target, but it wasn't what i was hoping for, so i didn't buy any more packs.  i believe kyle sent me a complete base dodger set.  that means we have roy campanella
andre ethier
clayton kershaw
jackie robinson
and duke snider
plus matt kemp which i must have forgotten to scan.

thanks for the cards kyle! and thanks for your patience with me in getting back to you!

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Stealing Home said...

i know what you mean about wanting more Dodger cards of nomah ! me too.