16 June 2012

valentin day

i was happy to find in my mailbox the other day a couple of cards signed by jose valentin, the former dodger and current manager of a minor league team in fort wayne, indiana.  valentin signed his 2005 topps update & highlights card
and his 2006 topps card
i was happy to get these back because i enjoy getting dodger base topps cards signed, and i also am a fan of the different team/uniform combo on the 2006 card - it kinda reminds me of o-pee-chee cards, and we all know that i like those o-pee-chee cards.

valentin was brought on board to play third base for the dodgers in 2005 (despite having had played mostly shortstop in the years previous) but he got hurt in may and missed a good chunk of the season.  he wound up playing in just 56 games for the dodgers, but rebounded nicely for the mets in 2006.

thanks jose!

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