13 June 2012


if this topps chrome card from 2011 featuring rafael furcal scanned more clearly, 
you would see that furky is turning two in the phone booth, which must be quite a trick from the outfield.  yes, topps, for some reason, changed furcal's position on his card.  they had it right in the flagship release, and i don't know how it came to be changed for the chrome issue, especially since the photo is the same.

that card (and the ones that follow) came my way from night owl quite a while back. in fact, i have already posted about a more recent trade that he and i completed.  that's bad trade post blogging.

this john cummings card is from 1996 fleer
and has a matte sort of finish, while this greg gagne card is from 1996 fleer
and has a glossy finish.  the gagne card is actually from the team set that was (i assume) sold separately.  cummings was a pretty effective reliever for the dodgers in the latter half of the 1995 season, and gagne was a newcomer to la in 1996.  i am pretty sure that the photo on his card is shopped, as he was number 7 for the dodgers, not 21.

greg included another one of those 1997 upper deck jackie robinson cards for me
which is not to be out shadowed by this 1998 fleer metal universe ismael valdes card
the card shows a curvy stretch of road behind valdes, which i assume is supposed to represent southern california.  i can't tell if it's from pch or the ortega highway, but maybe a photo of the stacked and backed 405 would have been more appropriate?

here's another card that doesn't scan very well - a gary sheffield upper deck ultimate victory card from 2000
that's all i have to say about that.

finally, here's adrian beltre on a 2000 topps stadium club card
beltre is making a funny face in dodger stadium against the angels.  pretty sure this is an interleague game during the regular season, and not part of the (used to be) annual freeway series since it's obviously a day game.  and look at that jersey!  i hope the dodgers regret ever wearing those blue jerseys in a real game.  if i recall correctly, davey johnson wanted to mix things up.  well, the yankees would never have worn a black jersey in order to mix things up.  i also hope the dodgers regret playing musical chairs at third base since beltre's departure.

thanks for the cards, greg.  i don't regret receiving them.

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