01 July 2012

stay gold, mookie wilson's glasses

this card, mookie wilson's 1987 fleer card,
isn't in my collection because of his gold-rimmed spectacles, although they are quite fantastic.  no, i hold on to this card because mookie is standing in dodger stadium.  1980's fleer had a lot of dodger stadium background shots.  i like the wilson card because it gives us a glimpse of the field level scoreboards that are no longer in existence.

here's another met captured on the field at chavez ravine - it's a 1988 score gregg jefferies card
 featuring the left field corner on the front, and a bonus pavilion shot on the back
i also rounded up a couple of other chavez ravine mets, like this 1984 donruss jose oquendo card
 and a 1985 donruss ron gardenhire card
with the mets in town this weekend, maybe there's a chance for some new cards with dodger stadium in the background.

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