26 May 2012

hollandsworth gets the shaft

i was obviously quite pleased when todd hollandsworth won the national league rookie of the year in 1996, becoming the fifth straight dodger to capture that award.  and, i was disappointed when wilton guerrero couldn't make it happen in 1997.  so, as you might expect, i enjoy the cards that celebrate the fact that the dodgers had so many consecutive rookies of the year.  topps, fleer and donruss missed the boat in the early 80's when the dodgers trotted out rick sutcliffe, steve howe, fernando valenzuela, and steve sax in consecutive years, but card companies caught on in the 90's.  there was at least one card in 1994 that featured 1992 rookie of the year eric karros and 1993 rookie of the year mike piazza together and addressed their back-to-back awesomeness.  i am thinking of 1994 fleer, although i am too lazy to go dig for the card right now.  then, in 1995, there was this example from score select certified that brought rauuuuuuul into the fold.  then, in 1996, pinnacle added hideo nomo and gave us this very nice card featuring dodger stadium in the background.
so very nice.  here's the back
so, where's the 1997 card with these four guys plus holly?  i'm still looking for it.  hollandsworth, however, gets the last laugh as he is the only one of the five to win a world series.

the card up above was one that was recently sent to me by night owl.  great minds think alike, as i mailed him an unsolicited package around the same time.  isn't this trading thing swell?  here's some more of what greg sent.

1999 topps stadium club darren dreifort
oh, how nice it would be if the dodgers got rid of the ads on the outfield wall and went back to the murals.

2000 upper deck victory chan ho park
even though i own an authentic blue dodger jersey, i rue the davey johnson era for actually wearing them in games.  it is redeemed only by the heroes patch on the left sleeve.  that's koufax, i believe.

i had requested two copies of this card when i saw it on night owl's blog - it's a 1998 fleer tradition jose vizcaino
i needed one for the dodger binder and one for the double play binder.  good thing it wasn't a dodger stadium play or i would have needed a third.

1997 upper deck jackie robinson
part of the subset that led off that set, and a 2012 topps gypsy queen jackie hallmark heroes insert
because night owl cares to send the very best.

speaking of which, he also included a couple of the very best leftys on a 2012 topps heritage insert
better than koufax and say, cole hamels.  i am so glad that the dodgers have players worthy of over produced parallels and inserts these days.  i still don't pull them from packs, but with everybody out there in the blogosphere, i know some of them will come my way eventually.

thanks greg!


night owl said...

You're most welcome. I have a feeling you'll be seeing that four-ROY card on the Best Dodger Cards Ever Made countdown.

(P.S. I just received a word verification that was a PICTURE. What am I supposed to do with that? I had to leave your blog and re-comment).

Cory said...

Night Owl-

There should be a street address in the picture. I have one too at I can barely see the address but that is what it wants.

I remember Hollandworth(currently the Cubs Comcast Studio commentator)with the cubs.
Dude was a fine pinch hitter.
Many clutch hits from him.