28 March 2015

the cards were there for the taking

i've missed out on topher's group breaks over at crackin' wax this year and last, but i know that he'll still have some cards available through his 'take my cards' page.  sure enough, he listed some 2015 topps heritage for the taking, and i took.

here are some dodgers first.  andre ethier
and his faraway eyes

matt kemp
with one last run in a dodger uniform

clayton kershaw
on one of his league leader cards

i was happy to see this next card available, as i needed it for the double play collection
it's not quite true to the original (the back text and photo focus more on offense than defense), but javier baez and starlin castro are a double play combo.  three years ago i looked forward to the bungling of this card, and i'm not disappointed.

i also picked up a couple of cards to send to others - i'm pulling some yankees for bo, so he'll get this masahiro tanaka new age performers insert
and i don't know if brian needs this trevor may/aj achter rookie card
but it's in his pile right now.

thanks as always topher - keep crackin' that wax!

1 comment:

Brian said...

I did join a case break for the 2015 heritage, So I think I have three of those May/Achter cards at the moment.
I definitely would have wanted it if I didn't have it!