04 March 2015

a word about memorial patches

in 2015, the cardinals (oscar taveras) and presumably the cubs (ernie banks) and white sox (minnie minoso) will be wearing memorial patches on their uniforms.  during the course of the season, other teams may add memorials to honor lost members of their organization.  in 2014, 10 teams wore patches to honor 12 different individuals, and umpires also wore a patch for one of their own.  i've posted about a few of those memorials already, but with the 2015 cards out on the shelves, i'm keeping an eye out for better examples of the patches.

as a result, i've gone back and updated the tampa bay rays' don zimmer memorial post to include this 2015 topps evan longoria card
and i've done the same for the post regarding the padres' jerry coleman memorial (adding this 2015 topps tommy medica card)
as the example of the patch worn with the camouflage jerseys.

that same post has also been updated to show the padres' team card from 2015 topps
as my chosen card to represent the tony gwynn memorial patch.

similarly, the stan musial memorial patch post has been updated to note that the memorial patch was worn on the right sleeve in at least some of the team's minor league games during the 2013 season, as evidenced by this 2013 bowman draft picks and prospects ricardo bautista card
the patch was worn only on the left sleeve in the big leagues.

i haven't yet posted about the memorials worn by the orioles, a's, brewers, or braves as i've been waiting for cards to show the patches.  there are some in 2015 topps for the o's and braves, like this james russell card
that shows portions of the pete van weiren patch, but i'll wait to see if a better example comes along.  please feel free to let me know if you come across any 2015 cards showing these patches as well - you will be rewarded.

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