03 March 2015

i finally picked up a '52 andy pafko card!

yes, i now own a 1952 andy pafko card, but it's his bowman card,
not the iconic topps card.

this card is number 204 in the set,
not number 1.

still, it's progress!


The Junior Junkie said...

Wasn't that Kevin Smith/Bruce Willis movie about the '52 Topps Pafko?

zman40 said...

It is still a cool card!

Brian said...

There was a guy at the show on Saturday that was chatting with me about 48 Bowman, and he brought up the 52 topps Pafko as one of his white whales. He's owned two different copies in the past, one sold off by his mother, another he sold himself during the last financial downturn. He hasn't found one at a decent (tom him) price since.
I think the Bowman version has a better image, even if it is less iconic.

Matt F. said...

One of my favorite Pafkos...along with the 1954 Bowman.

Mark Hoyle said...

Nice looking card. Better than Topps