18 March 2015

where in the world is my wallet card - local monthly card show edition!

wallet card and i ventured out in the cold to a recent local card show.
that's my beat up 1974 topps steve garvey card in the foreground of the familar twin cities sports card collector's club card show signage.

inside, i found some things to purchase, including another vintage dodger from one of the main vintage bargain bin dealers i've written about so many times.  one of the cards he sold me was this 1955 topps duke snider card
i took duke home and promptly freed him from his cage
i am pretty sure that whomever had the card graded spent more on that than i spent on the card.  anyway, it's the last card in the 1955 set, and one of the ones i thought would take me the longest to find one that met my budgetary needs.  i was wrong - there are still a few other dodgers i need from that '55 set.

there were some modern dodgers from a two-dime box at another dealer that suffered the wrath of my dodger digging.  here's a 2011 topps pro-debut ethan martin blue parallel
i have a hard time passing up blue dodger parallels, even when they are former prospects that no longer pitch in the organization.

case in point, here's a 2014 bowman chrome dan haren blue parallel
it's a card only a dodger team collector could love.

more blue - this time a 2012 topps chad billingsley golden moments relic card
that features a swatch from the 1940 throwback unis that the dodgers wore for a few games in 2011.

here's a piece of (supposedly) adrian gonzalez's bat from 2014 topps allen & ginter
the relics were only a buck apiece.

there were a bunch of grant holmes cards in the two-dime box, and i grabbed this 2014 bowman draft picks and prospects draft night insert of the first round pick 
he had a k/9 ratio of over 10 in his rookie league debut last year. i'm interested to see what he does this year.

i have a hard time passing up tim wallach cards when i see them in discount boxes, so i grabbed this 1995 topps stadium club card.
to be honest, i've seen this card so many times, i should make sure that i actually own it before i ship it off to new mexico.

also from 1995 topps stadium club, i grabbed this brett butler virtual reality insert
based on the haul i took from the card show (i'll be showing more of it in another post), the fist bump is warranted.


The Junior Junkie said...

I dig the blue relic.

Nick said...

Parallels are always a dime box thrill. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the card show had in store!

Brian said...

I have a copy of that TSC Wallach as well - I left it out of your trade box because I assumed you already had it!

mr haverkamp said...

Good job releasing Duke from that ridiculous plastic prison!