21 March 2015

so much galasso, so little time

tony from off hiatus sent me some cards a while back, and i'm just getting to posting them today.  in an earlier post, i showed off some good stuff like a 1954 bowman billy loes card and some oddballs, but there were enough 1977-84 renata-gallaso cards in the package to make up a post of their own.  keep in mind that all these cards cost me were some brewers cards. 

roy campanella
campy has a couple of different cards in the set - this one celebrates his third mvp award while the other  is more of his base card

max carey
and tony cuccinello
carey and cuccinello were part of the first all-star game which was played in 1933.  carey, the dodger manager, was a coach on the national league squad helmed by john mcgraw, and cuccinello was a reserve.  cuccinello did make it into the game, however he struck out as a pinch-hitter for carl hubbell against lefty grove to end the game.

here are some more recognizable dodgers from the set:

don drysdale
gil hodges
sandy koufax
jackie robinson
dazzy vance
and, not a galasso, but instead - a nolasco
a 2014 topps toys r us purple parallel, to be exact.

thanks tony!

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Nick said...

Galasso is still one of my favorite oddball sets ever. Dazzy Vance rules!