06 March 2015

a value box of 2015 topps heritage is not what i thought it was

when i bought a blaster of 2015 topps series 1, i received a target coupon book with coupons for other 2015 topps products.  one of the coupons was for $5 off a 2015 topps heritage value box.  now, i refer to blasters as blasters and have thought value boxes were the smaller boxes that don't have individual packs, but rather a cellophane wrapped block of cards.

i had my coupon when i went to the local target on tuesday.  heritage was there, but it was still in the shipping boxes.  i went back to target on wednesday, and the boxes were still waiting to be opened and shelved.  finally, i went to a different target on thursday, and found a value box.  or, at least what i considered to be a value box priced at $9.99.  when i got to the cashier, i handed her my coupon, but it didn't work.  she said that she thought that the value box was bigger than the one i had grabbed (a 35-card box), but she forced the coupon through anyway.  so, i got 35 cards for $4.99.  not bad.  i did later confirm that topps calls blasters value boxes.

anyway, here are some of the cards that i found in my value-not value box.

fernando rodney
this was the first card on the stack.  it's not an action variation, in case you were wondering.

wil myers
card number 2 in my box. it's not a traded back variation.

on to the short print - cole hamels
number 490 in the set. it's got a different code on the back, so i know it's not a base card as if the card number wasn't already a giveaway.

luis aparicio flashback
aparicio is being celebrated for his 3-hit, 3-steal game against the angels in 1966.

willie mays/adrian gonzalez then and now
hank aaron led the majors in rbi in 1966 - i wonder if topps doesn't have a deal with hammerin' hank, so they put willie mays (7th overall in 1966 rbi) on the card instead?

holofoil inserts - matt kemp

robinson cano

adam wainwright

corey kluber
there was one more of these in the box, but it will fit better in a future post.

here are some more of the regular ol' base cards.

dellin betances
true to form old school rookie cup

john gibbons
i am guessing not all of the managers are represented in the set.

emilio bonifacio
one of very few hatless shots that i saw

josh harrison
although here is another.  it's also good to see that topps used a different photo of harrison for the league leader card, of which there were two in my box
the morneau photo, i think, is the same as his base card

here's a checklist - it is sort of a team card
but not the team photo type team card that was in 1966 topps.  that's a busy card, by the way.

i also had a couple of rookie stars card, including this one that is split between the phillies and the giants.
i think i did ok for my small investment.  i don't think i'll buy anymore heritage this year, but please send me your dodger doubles.  you will be rewarded!

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