24 March 2015

1984, most of it at least, in the steve garvey binders

we were firmly entrenched in the steve garvey as a padre cards in 1984, and sheet 11 of my main steve garvey binder is proof.  there is one card of the garv as a dodger, however, but it's an island of blue.  have a look:
those cards are:

1. 1984 mother's cookies padres
2. 1984 topps nestle 792
3. 1984 topps nestle dream team
4. 1984-91 o'connell and sons ink
5. 1984 o-pee-chee
6. 1984 ralston purina
7. 1984 star (checklist)
8. 1984 star (regular season stats)
9. 1984 star (an all-star 9 times)

some things to note here - i've seen the o'connell and sons referred to as a 1984-89 issue as well as the 1984-91 issue that i used above. not sure which is correct, as i picked up my copy on the secondary market in the early 2000's.  the star cards are part of the 36-card set of which i have 3-card panels in my garvey oddball binder.  i took apart a second set for this part of the collection.

here are the backs, by the way:
the o'connell and sons has a blank back, as you can see.

sheet 12 is full of more cards from the star set, and they are all dodgers!
1. 1984 star (dodger club records 1)
2. 1984 star (dodger club records 2)
3. 1984 star (dodger club records 3)
4. 1984 star (dodger club records 4)
5. 1984 star (world series stats)
6. 1984 star (post season stats)
7. 1984 star (the 1970 season)
8. 1984 star (the 1971 season)
9. 1984 star (the 1972 season)

obviously, these cards don't feature photos that correspond to the subject of the card.  here are the backs:
lucky sheet 13 is more of the same, although the brown and gold is back...
1. 1984 star (the 1973 season)
2. 1984 star (the 1974 season)
3. 1984 star (1974 all-star mvp)
4. 1984 star (1974 championship series mvp)
5. 1984 star (1974 nl mvp)
6. 1984 star (the 1975 season)
7. 1984 star (the 1976 season)
8. 1984 star (the 1977 season)
9. 1984 star (the 1978 season)

i'd say that star began using padre photos prematurely.  for the record, i don't believe that they actually handed out mvp awards for the playoffs back in 1974, but surely garvey would have won it if they had.  here are the backs:
sheet 14 is all brown and yellow, although we are still in the dodger years for two-thirds of the page
1. 1984 star (1978 all-star mvp)
2. 1984 star (1978 championship series mvp)
3. 1984 star (the 1979 season)
4. 1984 star (the 1980 season)
5. 1984 star (the 1981 season)
6. 1984 star (the 1982 season)
7. 1984 star (the 1983 season)
8. 1984 star (the iron man)
9. 1984 star (national and major league records)

nice to see mike schmidt lurking in the background of the last card.  it's too bad that this set was released in 1984 instead of 1985, because there was another championship series mvp award won in 1984 that could have been the subject of a card.

here are the backs:
amongst garvey's records on the last card, his league-leading 25 gidp in 1979 is listed.

just a few more star cards to go - here's sheet 15 of the binder
1. 1984 star (100+ rbi's 5 times)
2. 1984 star (200+ hits 6 times)
3. 1984 star (4 gold gloves)
4. 1984 star (.300 average 7 times)
5. 1984 star (personal and career data)
6. 1984 star (the future)
7. 1984 topps
8. 1984 topps cereal series
9. 1984 topps rubdown

i've got the 5th card in the sheet in my memorials binder, too.  the topps cereal card features the same photo (and card design) as the ralston purina issue from earlier in the post, and garvey's infield pal bill russell shows up on the rubdown card.

here are the backs for this sheet:
i kept the rubdown instructions in case i ever wanted to transfer the images, i guess.

i'm not missing any cards from 1984 that would go in one of these sheets, i am pretty sure.  next time we'll move into 1985...

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