04 March 2015

charlie manuel through the mail success!

i'm not sure who to thank - keith olbermann, maybe? - for including charlie (chuck) manuel in the 1975 (or 1976) sspc set.  whomever is responsible, i thank you.  and, i thank charlie himself for signing and returning one of his cards to me recently
manuel was nothing but a pinch-hitter for the dodgers for the last month of the 1974 season and a few months during the 1975 season.  he had just 3 singles in 19 plate appearances in his tenure as a dodger, yet he made the checklist for the 'pure card' set.  after that, he played in japan for a few seasons with some pretty good success, but returned to the states to begin a managerial career in 1983.  twenty-five (and twenty-six) years later, his phillies beat the dodgers in the nlcs.

still, i'm happy to have this signed card in my collection. thanks charlie!

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