07 March 2015

i received congratulations from bob walk the plank

yes, matthew from bob walk the plank sent me some congrats recently.
those, of course, are the backs of three baseball cards - a 2014 topps mini bill buckner autograph,
a 2001 fleer greats of the game ron cey autograph,
and a 2007 upper deck ultimate collection chad billingsley autograph
that wasn't all.  here's another card back
that's the back of a 2014 topps archives bill russell gold parallel autograph card
the shortstop for the team of my youth! numbered 6/50 (that's garvey's jersey number and one-third of russell's jersey number - got to be a 1/1, right?!?).  this will pair well with the base and silver autos i already owned.

but wait - there was more!  i noted on a recent bob walk the plank post that i regretfully did not own a john candelaria autographed card featuring the candy man in dodger blue, having been rebuffed in previous through the mail attempts.  here's the back of the last card matthew sent
yes, that's a 2004 donruss recollection collection 1992 donruss card, signed by candelaria himself
matthew, did we just become best friends?

thanks for the congratulations and the autos!  i'm working on another package to be heading your way soon!


Daniel Wilson said...

Wow! That's a lot of nice ink!

arpsmith said...

That is an impressive group of cards even though they are Dodgers.

night owl said...

Autos aren't really my thing, but damn Matt has the craziest card inventory ever.

Matthew Scott said...

The Candy Man hit eBay not long after you mentioned him on my blog. It was destiny!

The Junior Junkie said...

I wish I had a bunch of nice stuff like that to send your way. I really do. Sadly most of my cardboard weight is in commons...