26 March 2012

how did i miss this? how did topps?

i know i paid little attention to topps heritage last year (and plan to pay even less this year), but i should have been on the lookout for this card - the 'jeter makes the double play' card
it is, of course, an homage to one of the best double play cards of all time, the 1962 topps 'kubek makes the double play'.
of course, kubek actually turns the double play, whereas jeter holds on to the ball.  come on topps, can't you find a photo sequence of dj where he isn't so disturbed by drew butera sliding in that he actually throws the ball to first?  shouldn't that card instead be labeled 'jeter doesn't make the double play'?  terrible.

then, topps added another double play card, sort of.  here's the yankee captain with his double play partner robinson cano
this card is an attempt to acknowledge a similar card in the 1962 set, except that one recognized a couple of yankee third basemen.  that means that this card is more of a tribute to the classic 1988 fleer superstar special card featuring ozzie smith and ryne sandberg
except that jeter and cano actually play together.  the back of the heritage card
has nothing to say about fielding aside from a gold glove reference and instead focuses on the offensive talents of the tandem.  for comparative purposes, here's the back of the fleer card
topps would have been better off with a card of alex rodriguez and eric chavez (or ramiro pena depending on when they went into production) to stay true to the 1962 set.  but then again, they should have had derek jeter actually completing the double play, too.

can't wait for 2015 topps heritage to see how they bungle the dp combo card from 1966
whose back
really does reference double plays!  not that i care if they screw up a giants' card mind you.


night owl said...

Yes, some noise was made about the Jeter Heritage card back when 2011 Heritage came out.

Captain Canuck said...

any excuse to add more cards of Yankees.

capewood said...

Some people would say that you can't have too many Yankees cards. Not me, of course, just some people.

deal said...

Nice catch on the faux DP card. Hate laziness in what you would think would be an easy card to create