16 March 2015

jim thome through the mail success!

straight outta glendale, arizona - i received a sase in the mail on saturday.  i thought that maybe it was from the injured chris withrow or perhaps a certain cy young and mvp award winning pitcher, both of whom have (or should have) received a request from me this spring.  i was wrong.
that's a 2010 topps jim thome card, signed by the one time dodger pinch-hitter.  thome works for the white sox now, and the chisox share the space with the dodgers at camelback ranch. i sent this card to thome ℅ the white sox in mid-february as some others have reported success during previous spring trainings.  needless to say, i was pretty excited when i opened the envelope.

thome was a huge fan favorite here in minny, and the only appearance he made at a twins autograph party was met with lines longer than those for guys named mauer, morneau, and even killebrew.  he hit the first walk-off home run in target field history, and about a month later he tagged the flag pole beyond the bleacher seats in right with a monster blast.  i only wish he had hit a home run as a dodger.

as an aside, i am pretty sure that's frank mccourt's smug mug right in front of thome's shin guard.

thanks for signing my card, thome!


Zippy Zappy said...

Awesome success. I may have to try him later this year :).

Brian said...

Awesome! Everybody loves Jim Thome! Except, maybe, Royals fans?