10 March 2015

yes, the cards celebrate

or, perhaps more accurately, my card collection celebrates when i receive trade packages in the mail such as the one reader john sent not quite a couple of months ago.

he knocked quite a few cards off of my 1965 topps want list, like this world series card
as well as the game 6 recap card featuring the yanks' jim bouton
love those stirrups.

john also included bouton's base card
plus another yankee-ish card, the american league batting leaders featuring tony o, brooks robinson, and elston howard
that's card number 2 in the set.

here's the 1965 american league mvp and future dodger, zoilo versalles
there was a multi-player rookie card (hello sandy alomar, sr)
a bob chance rookie cup card
with him wearing a cleveland indians jersey as a washington senator

here's the angel manager bill rigney
i believe the halos became the california angels in 1965, with rigney staying on as manager into the 1969 season.  he later led the twins to the postseason in 1970.

here's the back of jim king's card
i'm showing it because i like the backs of 1965 topps cards, and this one also mentions double plays.  it's not a double play card, but it gets bonus points for a dp mention, even if it's related to outfield double plays.

john took a shot at my 2001 topps heritage want list, too.  he sent along dodgers darren dreifort
and chan ho park
along with some other cards, including some teams that weren't represented in the 1952 topps set
of course, the red sox and giants were in the '52 set, and the twins were the senators back then.  i just didn't take the time to separate the scan.  also, dig on cristian guzman's facsimile signature.

last, but not least, john included one of the unnumbered checklists.
thanks for the trade john - i hope we can do it again sometime!

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