21 March 2015

off hiatus and off my want list

who sends a 1954 bowman billy loes card
as part of a blind trade package? luckily for me, tony at off hiatus does. or did, in my case.  billy is really caressing that baseball there - i hope he's more careful with it than lennie and his rabbits.  this card is gloriously worn and it's one less '54 bowman that i need.

here's another brooklyn dodger sent by tony - it's gene hermanski
on what appears to be a card made for the 5th national convention held back in 1984.  here's the back of the card that led me to that conclusion
i'm guessing that hermanski was signing autographs at the convention.

now we get to the los angeles dodger portion of the post, with some great oddball cards.

1988 kaybee superstars of baseball pedro guerrero
it's true - petey was still a superstar at that time. he had hit a career high .338 in 1987, but the dodgers brought him back into the infield in 1988 and his trade to saint louis that season was deemed to be addition by subtraction.

1988 starting lineup talking baseball steve sax
and fernando valenzuela
the only talkin' baseball i know has to do with willie, mickey, and the duke.  sadly, none of those guys were included in the set.

more oddballs of el toro - 1987 fleer mini
in which fernando is wearing his shiny pullover and a hat that was certainly not a game issue, and his 1986 fleer mini
which features an oddly cropped photo.

here's a little photo of don drysdale on a 2004 upper deck sweet spot classics manufactured patch card
that features the national league logo.  i think the american league logo is better, mostly because i think that the glove that the eagle is holding on to in the nl logo looks odd.  better to have a baseball in that talon, i think.

finally, here's a 2013 panini hometown heroes card of paul loduca
yes, this is a dodger card (note the 'los angeles' pennant in the upper left) even though the heart and soul of jim tracy's dodgers is wearing his mets gear in the photo.  as a met, loduca hit .455 against the dodgers in the 2006 nlds.

tony hit 1.000 with this trade package.  so much so that i'll show some more cards that he sent later on! stay tuned...


Tony L. said...

I'm glad I could finally return the favor to you from the package you sent me last fall. And, I'm glad the cards got there.

I have had that Billy Loes for as long as I can remember. I think the love it is showing came from my mom and her siblings when she was a kid in the 1950s!

gcrl said...

Thanks tony. I appreciate the loes card all the more knowing its history. I received your latest package yesterday and will get some brew crew to you soon.