18 March 2015

vintage - old and new - from the card show

when is vintage old and new, you might ask?  well, when topps buys back its old cards, stamps 'em, and puts them in packs of 2015 cards, they are both new and old.  such is the case with these three cards - 1974 topps charlie hough
1979 topps vic davalillo
and 1979 topps lance rautzhan
i bought them at the card show a couple of weeks ago,  they were twenty cents apiece.

i spent a little bit of time in the vintage bargain bin, picking up some set needs.  i needed this 1971 topps yankee team card
and this al kaline card from the '71 set
was the lowest numbered card on my want list.

i picked up $10 worth of 1965 topps cards, the best/worst of which was this juan marichal card
fifty cents for marichal.

after paying up one dealer for some of the vintage, he threw a 1957 topps ted williams card down on the table.  did i mention i was collecting the 1957 set?  the card is trimmed and notched, but hey - it's ted williams and card number 1 in the set.  i bit.
it's the first williams card that i own from his playing days, and should be the last.  i was stoked to find one that fits my collection for less than the price of something that costs $10.01.

there were more cards obtained at the show, but those were via trade.  i'll show some of them on friday.


Tony L. said...

That Williams is a great pickup! I wouldn't care about it being trimmed either -- getting that card for something less than $10.01 is a great deal.

And 50 cents for Marichal? Wow!

Mark Hoyle said...

Great score on the Williams. I've had to buy plenty of Teddy over the years.

Nick said...

I'd be all over Teddy Ballgame at that price. Awesome find!