18 April 2012

turning two on a dime

there were plenty of kick ass double play cards in the dime box at the show last weekend.  i splurged and bought a full dollar's worth.  here's a 1996 score ozzie smith card with a lurking chad fonville and the first row of the dodger stadium right field pavilion.
here's another ozzie from dodger stadium, this time with eric karros and part of the left field pavilion
it's one of the better 1993 upper deck cards, even with karros not really knowing how to slide.

here's yet another ozzie card, this time from 1994 upper deck
except this time he's in san diego.  boo.

also from 1994, it's a tyne sandberg upper deck collector's choice card
i'm guessing that's a cardinal of sorts sliding in.  but who cares, really.

roberto alomar has a bunch of good dp cards, and there were a few in the box.  here's a 1993 upper deck insert
with kenny lofton.  and then we have a 1996 donruss card
again with kenny lofton.  but it's not kenny lofton on alomar's 1997 upper deck collector's choice card
instead, i think it's a ranger.  a ranger like michael young who is turning two on his 2008 upper deck masterpieces card
lastly, a couple of bowman cards - a 2010 derek jeter
and a 2010 bowman chrome hanley ramirez
nice turns.  in fact, i'd buy those for a dollar.  and i did.

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