19 April 2012

in with the old

so, i picked up an unexpected card at the show last weekend.  it immediately jumped to the front of my first dodger binder, as it is the oldest dodger card i own.  it's a 1933 goudey john (bud) clancy.
it set me back about 8 bucks.  i appreciate the fact that it is so clearly a dodger card, even though i knew nothing of clancy until i saw the card.  even then, i knew only that he had at one time played for them.  i know now that he spent one season with brooklyn - conveniently it was 1932 which facilitated this card.

clancy was a first baseman who hit over .300 in that lone dodger season which was sandwiched between a few years with the white sox and a final campaign with the phillies, which is not to mention his extensive minor league career. 

it's nice to have you on board, bud.


Greg Zakwin said...

Congrats on the sweet addition! Love '33 Goudey.

Dhoff said...

Great card. Bud just looks goofy here. He looks uncomfortable about his too-large jersey.