10 April 2012

sportscaster goodness - the perfect game

two and two to harvey kuenn.  one strike away.  sandy into his windup.  here's the pitch.  swung on and missed - a perfect game!  i never tire of hearing vin scully's call of koufax's perfect game against the cubs in september of 1965.  sportscaster wisely chose koufax to grace its card teaching children all over the world about the perfect game - 27 up, and 27 down.
koufax's perfect game came at dodger stadium, so we know the photo used on the card comes from some other game.  the 1965 world series, perhaps?  it might also be 1959 or 1963, but it's not 1966, as jim gilliam (who is seen lurking as the third baseman in the background) only played in the first two games of the series against baltimore, both of which were played in la.  just like sandy's perfect game.

for the record, gilliam started at third that night against the cubs.  he fielded one ball - a 6th inning roller by don kessinger - and was hitless just like all but one of his teammates.

koufax was the 8th pitcher to throw perfection.  since that night in 1965, there have been 12 others - 11 of which came after this card was printed.  i am happy that this card features the dodgers and their maestro of perfection instead of that photo of yogi berra jumping into don larsen's arms.  

here's to you sandy!


The Angels In Order said...

Oooh, love it! I've been working on my Angels team set. Two more to go!

Jeremy said...

Nice card.