15 April 2012

eighty cents of piazza

wanna know what 80 abe lincoln adorned coins will get you at the local card show in the way of mike piazza cards?  here's one man's haul.

this is a 1993 upper deck fun pack card, touting the italian-american superstar slugger as a 'star of tomorrow'
i'll have to look for that constellation tonight.  i think the ancient greeks called it 'crappertarius' since it looks like a guy sitting on the john.

here's a 1994 pacific piazza
i am not sure if this is just pacific, or if it is pacific crown collection.  i think in 1994 pacific just had one release, so it's just pacific.  i admit that in 1999 or 2000 i was really into some of their releases.  i think i bought a box of 2000 invincible.  it was awesome.

here's an extremely cool card - a 1995 topps stadium club piazza, in which he is a member of the 'extreme corps'
i believe this is a lesser known offshoot of the green lantern corps.  instead of yellow, their weakness is pitches thrown low and away.

staying in 1995, here's piazza's upper deck collector's choice card
he's catching a foul ball in dodger stadium.  and, upper deck is telling me that he was an all-star in 1994.  i appreciate all-star banners and shields on cards very much.  i don't much care for separate cards that tell me who was an all-star.  get back to basics, topps.

here's a  mid-90's checklist card that i didn't think i owned.  it's from 1996 pinnacle foil, and features 6 big names from back in the day
piazza is stuck looking at larry jones.  the checklist is for the 'chase' cards from the set.  i believe we now call these cards 'inserts'.

another pacific card - this one from 1998 aurora
piazza is once again in dodger stadium, this time the card is adorned with a holy looking piazza in the upper right corner, complete with the halo effect.

another 1998 card, this one from pinnacle inside
look at those numbers!  larry walker may have deserved the mvp in 1997, but good god so did piazza

finally, here's a card that features a lurking piazza, which is pretty much the only way i would buy a giants card that i didn't need for a set
of course, the piazza cards stop at 1998 as that was the year he was traded to the marlins.  there were a bunch of piazza as a met cards in the box, but i passed on 'em.  i'm still trying to forget.

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