02 April 2012

four for 10

i took a quick look through a couple of auto/relic discount boxes at the card show on friday.  i found a certified cesar izturis auto (who knew?) but couldn't find two other items to make the 3 for $10 worth my while.  i suppose i could have purchased the auto on its own, but...meh.

later on, i came across a box with autos and relics priced at 4 for $10 and had slightly better luck.  i found this ivan dejesus jr. jersey card from 2012 topps
and had to have it since it looks like it's from a game where the dodgers wore those baby blue brooklyn uniforms.  first impression?  awesome.

speaking of awesome, i found a hong-chih kuo relic.  who knew such things existed?  this one is from 2008 upper deck ballpark collection
and features kenji johjima of the mariners.  kuo is taiwanese and johjima is japanese, but there must be a common thread, right richard p. mcwilliams?  anyway, i saw the other day that the mariners released kuo which is too bad because he had some lights out times for the dodgers.  i suppose i better go ahead and showcase the ttm success i had with him sometime last year as the chances of him landing with some other team is probably pretty slim.

kuo signed his 2010 topps update base card
 and his 2010 topps update all-star card
for me, along with one of his 2011 topps cards.
thank h-ck!  now back to the relic box.  i found a shiny vladdy from 2010 topps tribute
i feel for the guy who bought a pack for $40 or whatever and had to sell the relics for essentially $2.50.  vladdy go boom on that guy's balance sheet.  still, my appreciation of this wanes, and although i was a big fan of vladdy's over the last 10 years or so, this card is available if anyone wishes to trade for it.

the fourth card i snagged from the box was a 2003 bowman auto from pirates' closer joel hanrahan
his certified auto looks a lot like the one on my 2002 topps traded card that i sent to hanrahan a couple of seasons ago,
so that makes me feel good.  just like finding cards in bargain bins.  even the shiny ones.

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MrMopar said...

I went on a huge Dodger certified auto buying spree on COMC. Some sellers were tight, but most were giving up stuff like Elbert, Proctor, Hanrahan, Izturis and other commons for $1-2.

Love finding those for the Dodger collection.