03 April 2012

a host of hostess

do you trust yourself? or do you find yourself questioning whether or not you really did update those want lists?  i, of course, have my want lists linked to my blog (although not all years are represented, and i know that any dodger wants listed past the 1980's are hopelessly out of date).  i've been concentrating the last couple of years on that 50's, 60's and most importantly to me, the 1970's.  

i knew i needed a couple of oddballs, and have added some of them to the nefarious 9.  imagine my excitement when i saw a healthy stack of hostess cards at one of the tables at the card show last friday.  it didn't take long for me to find target #1 (or #4 on the nefarious 9), a 1975 hostess bill buckner.
what a great card.  dodger stadium is represented nicely, and buckner's got his awesome mustache  and eyebrows in midseason form.  i am so happy to have found this card.  there were plenty of other dodgers in the stack as well, like this 1975 hostess bill russell,
which i was pretty sure i owned, but bought just for fun.  and for trading, i suppose.  same with this jimmy wynn
one cannot have enough jimmy wynn as a dodger cards.  i knew i had this one already, but it might be an upgrade for me.  plus it was almost free, so why not?

but then we got into some cards that i was fairly sure i still needed.  like a 1976 hostess steve yeager
so what if my want lists said that i did not need it - it did not look familiar to me, so i bought it.  i also bought a 1977 hostess steve garvey.
i may need this one, actually - either for my garvey collection or my dodger collection.  not sure yet.  it was on the want list - i just don't know if i needed one or two.

i did not need this 1977 davey lopes card.
more trade bait.  same goes for this 1977 rick monday card
which is one of his first as a dodger.  bill buckner's 1977 hostess card is also an airbrushed abomination, but i didn't bother with that one since he's a cub.  however, i am remorseful that i didn't pick it up as i look back.  

here's another steve yeager, this one is from 1978.
again, i could have sworn that my lists were wrong and i needed this one.  nope.  already had it.  i knew, however, that i did need a 1978 hostess reggie smith (#7 on the nefarious 9 list).  so, i picked one up.
i bought this one on ebay last week.  i could have had one at the show for about 20% of what i paid.  in fact, reggie was on the top of the stack.  that's karma slapping me in the face.

the last hostess card i picked up wasn't on any of my lists.  i was just struck by the look of the card, even though it's airbrushed.
there should have been more lyman bostock cards.

i told the guy that he had the "mostest hostess" i had ever seen, and regretted saying something that dumb even as i was saying it.  i should have trusted my initial instinct and just paid the man silently.  i also should have trusted my want lists.


Captain Canuck said...

mostess hostess?..... dude.....

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

My want list is easy to update, only because of how specific it is. Current roster Twins RC AUs? Quite specific.

MrMopar said...

That Bostock is awesome. Reminds me of the Carew, from the same or close year. Action shots on Hostess cards are rare indeed.