12 April 2012

sportscaster goodness - davey lopes, pickle brine and the double bubble

over three years ago, i wrote about that iconic 1976 topps card featuring kurt bevacqua and a giant bubble. a true 'bubble-gum' card.  well, it turns out that that card was not the only one to address what apparently was an annual contest.  here's a 1977-79 sportscaster card that sheds more light on big leaguers blowing bubbles for fame and glory.  and, it just happens to feature davey lopes in a scene from dodger stadium!
here's the back, which gives some great information on the best bubble blowers of the day.
i find it curious, however, that steve yeager bested andy messersmith for the dodger crown in 1975, when the back of that 1976 topps card lists rick rhoden as their representative in the contest.  could there have been more than one tournament?  there is no mention of bevacqua's crown - just a third place finish in 1976.  however, the best bit of information here is the use of pickle brine by messersmith.  i've heard of people using pickle brine as a chaser after shots of whisky, but not for lip maintenance.  strange.

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