14 April 2012

brother, did i spend some dimes

for the first time in a long time, i spent some serious time at a card show with a dime box.  usually i have specific needs i am trying to fill, like vintage dodgers or finishing a set, but earlier today i was willing to do some browsing.  i wound up spending $5 on 50 cards, many of which i did not know existed prior to today.

here's a 2005 donruss elite card featuring kerry wood and shawn green going 'face 2 face'!
it's a serial numbered insert which, instead of telling me how each has done against the other in their career,  discusses wood's 20-strikeout game against houston in 1998 and green's 4-homer game against milwaukee in 2002.

next up is another combo card.  this one is from 2007 topps co-signers and features randy wolf and jason schmidt
at first i thought that topps screwed up and put jason schmidt on a randy wolf card, but then i saw his name at the bottom.  there are seemingly 200 cards of schmidt as a dodger for each of his 3 los angeles wins.

speaking of wins, here's the guy who got the walk-off walk last night, andre ethier
i wish these bowman platinum cards looked this way in person, but they just scan all pretty and blue.

i thought this card was cool, because i think it was taken at just about the same time as the 1998 upper deck vladimir guerrero card i featured in the post from this morning.  it's a 1998 pinnacle inside card
vladdy has the same gold chain; he's holding a baseball; he's in dodger stadium; and i think the guy at his right elbow is the same guy (kid?) to his right on the upper deck card.  here's that card again - you be the judge.
speaking of 1998 upper deck, i picked up a couple of cards from that set, too.  here's tony gwynn's card, which is being totally lurked by eddie murray
eddie, of course, finished up his career in 1997 as a member of the dodgers.  i'll share some more of my dime box finds over the next few days.  i also picked up some discounted vintage dodgers and some cheapie relics, too.

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