04 April 2012

od'ing on opening day

back when opening day was monday, i often played hooky and either went to chavez ravine or watched a few games on the tube.  wednesday's are bad for me work-wise, so i won't be able to sneak off to target field (i don't even know if the twinkies open at home or on the road).  still, i'll sneak a peek at the smartphone throughout the day, i am sure.  actually, i guess not.  there's only one game today?  cripes.

anyway, as the title of this post suggests, let's feast on some 2012 topps opening day cards.  here's our first look at the series 2 clayton kershaw card
the topps dodger factory team set is the same, so i am guessing it's a safe bet that we'll be seeing that image again in a couple of months.  here's kershaw's other card - the opening day stars lenticular spectacular
matt kemp has one of those, too
it's awesome to have two superstars on the dodgers again.  lots and lots of cards.  like this kemp fantasy squad card
ok - true story.  i was in a fantasy baseball league with one of the frequent commenters on jon weisman's 'dodger thoughts' (i, myself used to comment a fair amount on that site).  it was a keeper league, and i was fortunate enough to snag matt kemp when he was added to the game in 2006 or whenever.  last year, i decided that it was too much for me to keep up with that league and the others that i was in, so i dropped out.  did i mention that one of my other keepers was ryan braun?  i am guessing between the two of them i would have done very well.  oh well, at least i have yet another matt kemp od card - this one has blue borders!
and even more kemp goodness, with the baby blues
it's sad that i don't recognize too many of these guys.  ethier and jansen, and is that aaron miles on the far left?

finally a card that's not kemVp material - james loney
but wait, look in the background! it's matt kemp lurking!

ted lilly's card is kemp-less
as is chad billingsley's
i like the bills card.  you can see the flora covered back wall of the bullpen that i wrote about a while ago.  nice dodger stadium goodness.

here's dee gordon's card
they took the rookie cup from his other card and slapped it on this one which features the chipper jones double play breakup attempt.  i like it.

speaking of double plays, i also picked up this ian kinsler elite skills card
it's all about turning two, with former dodger and current world champion rafael furcal sliding in.
is that enough od for you?  it is for me.  i wish there were more games already.

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