25 April 2012

even more happy returns

here are the last of the cards i was able to get signed in person/through the mail thanks to reader cory.  they were signed over the course of a couple of springs and dodger road trips to san diego.  first up is a 2006 topps 52 card signed by both matt kemp and james loney
that is just awesome.  the bison also signed a 2009 topps card for me
as did the reigning cy young award winner, clayton kershaw
very very nice.  kemp doesn't sign through the mail, but kershaw did sign some this spring.  hong-chih kuo signed some cards for me through the mail last year, but first, he signed this 2007 topps update & highlights card
ramón troncoso signes a 2008 topps card
and angel berroa
and casey blake signed their cards from 2008 topps update & highlights
blake also signed a 2007 topps card from his time with the tribe
i had the luxury of sitting back and waiting for these autos to come my way, while cory was out doing the work.  i did send him some cards to keep, as well as some ttm successes i had acquired like a 1972 topps bill buckner and a 1964 topps willie davis.  i hope he thought it was worth it.

thanks again cory!


Orioles Magic said...

Wow, really enjoy seeing all the autographs you've been posting over the past few days. Congrats on all the successes!

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Dual sigs! VERY nice!