01 May 2010

where have you gone, dougie baseball?

scott at hand collated just sent me one of the nefarious 9 (my most wanted cards) - the 2010 upper deck doug mientkiewicz.  i suspect (and hope) that it's not the last one i get from a generous blogger.
fresh off my ttm success with dougie, i was hoping to send him the only card i know of that features him in a dodger uniform.  unfortunately, the dodgers went and released him.  he apparently turned down a coaching position in the organization because he still wanted to play, and is now a free agent.  i haven't heard if he has landed anywhere.  have you?  this card needs to be signed!

in related news, he has been replaced in my desperately seeking list by the 2009 topps update & highlights xavier paul card.  any help is appreciated.

thanks scott!  i'll get something out to you soon!


Captain Canuck said...

more cards were put in the post the day before yesterday....

chance of bipping revenge, 18%

night owl said...

I have a Xavier Paul for you.