12 May 2010

my 1958 topps don zimmer was missing something

i picked this 1958 topps don zimmer card up at a card show a while back in the 50 cent bin. 
there's some scuffing and rounded corners, but 50 cents? deal.  it wasn't until i got home and was looking at things more closely that i noticed it was missing something.  the border in the lower right corner had been removed.  it's an interesting flaw.  just a portion is missing, not the whole thing.  i wonder why this came to be.  anyway, i decided to hold out for a better copy of the card for my 1950's dodger binder and instead went ahead and sent the card to zimmer for him to sign.  a short time later, the card was returned.
now i hardly notice the missing part of the card!  i also sent a 2009 topps ring of honor card which zimmer also signed
zim is in his 62nd year in professional baseball, still active as a coach and advisor for the rays.  that is awesome.

thanks zim!

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Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I had never seen either of these cards. It's strange to see him as a younger man.