16 May 2010

it seems like a good day for some dodger stadium shots

finally, we have some nice weather in the midwest.  and, since there aren't too many cards yet that feature target field, i'll celebrate the outdoors with some dodger stadium backgrounds, like the one on john mcdonald's 2008 upper deck card
this is after the frank mccourt renovations, so the colors are more muted than they were before. the intent was to get back to the original color scheme, and it seems that they got pretty close based on what i have seen in a few articles.  except for all the ads on the outfield wall, that is.

you can see the darker color palette on mike simms' 1991 upper deck card
the original 1962 seats were pulled from the stadium in the early 70's and replaced with these ones.  it may be just me, but it seems like there are a lot of astros' cards featuring dodger stadium, and i can't help but think it's because of their rainbow uniforms and dodger stadium's multi-colored seats.

1989 donruss was a set that featured quite a few dodger stadium backgrounds, including this rolando roomes card that showcases the seats
as does van snider's card (along with a peek of the field level scoreboard),
and darren daulton's card.
there's also this craig reynolds card, featuring some non-posed action
and a couple of 1984 donruss cards offering the same.  here's brian giles' (no, the other one) card
as well as a kevin gross card
both with those blurry fans that showed up in a few 1974 topps cards.

i'll end it with another card from 1984 donruss, renie martin
and the right field pavilion.  dodger stadium was originally designed such that the upper deck could be continued around the outfield above the pavilions to increase the stadium's capacity to 85,000 or so.  let's hope frank doesn't know about that.

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