28 May 2010

it's fun to trade cards with fun to trade cards

i just received some cards from jim at fun to trade cards.  i had sent him some o-pee-chee twins, a joe mauer timeline sp and a glen perkins auto and he sent back some cool stuff.  here's a sampling:

three 1971 topps cards off the old wantlist:

reds rookies
clay dalrymple
and 'old friend' frank howard
these cards have seen better days, but when it comes to 1971 and especially the high numbers, i am taking what i can get.

there were some shiny 2000 gary sheffield cards, such as

2000 ud ionix
2000 bowman's best
and 2000 ud ovation
between sheffield, kevin brown, and shawn green there were millions of dodger cards issued in 2000.  millions.  i am sure of it.

here's a 1993 score select eric davis that jim also included.
did you know that davis sucked as a dodger?  i did.  in hindsight i should have scanned the back of the card so you could see his lowly stats, as well as the intricate design he shaved into the side of his head and his 'e' earring.

there were a couple of post 2000 twins as well, like this 2006 topps joe mauer
and my other favorite twinkie, doug mientkiewicz on his 2002 topps card
by the way, where's dougie now?

thanks jim.  i am going to take a closer look at your want lists and see if i can do some more damage.

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