11 May 2010

the 1972 topps larry hisle card that should have been

a while back, i lamented the fact that larry hisle wasn't a dodger (unfortunately), despite the 1972 topps card proclaiming him to be so.
i recently came across this card, his 1973 topps offering
really, topps?  it's worse than the rich allen photo recycling because this was done in back to back years!  in topps' defense, hisle didn't appear in a major league game in 1972, and then was traded by the dodgers to the cardinals and then by the cardinals to the twins in the 1972 offseason, so finding a new picture would have been tough.  but couldn't they have gone into their archives and used a different picture?  anyway, i figured i would right at least one wrong and give larry hisle the 1972 topps card that should have been
even if he never was a dodger.

on a side note, hisle was in town a few weeks ago doing a signing with a bunch of other former twins and 70's era players.  unfortunately i was unable to attend.  hopefully he enjoyed his trip so much that he comes back for the twins autograph party!

here's to you 1972 topps larry hisle card that should have been!

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