06 May 2010

out with the old

any idea what these cards have in common?  i'll save you the trouble of guessing.  they are the cards that have been in my scanned folder the longest - they are some of the first cards i scanned for this blog in september of 2008.  i figured it was time to let them shine.

2005 donruss prime patches shawn green
while i am pretty sure i have one or two fake green patch cards in my collection (i was pretty naive about patch fakery in 2005) this one is not fake.  i am pretty sure of that.  i also am fairly certain that i don't feature shawn green enough on this blog.  i have a ton of his cards and he was my favorite non-dodger and then my favorite dodger and there is really no reason why he is not featured more often.

2004 topps total alex cora
here's a great dodger stadium double play shot.  can you believe that alex cora is still in the league and that he is the starting second baseman for the new york metropolitans?  crazy.  cora's highlight with the dodgers may well have been his 18 pitch at bat where he kept fouling off pitches before hitting matt clement's final pitch into the cubs' bullpen for a home run.

another double play, this time it's luis castillo on a 2002 upper deck victory card
i like that the ball is visible.  that looks like a yankee bearing down on luis, but i am too lazy to try to figure out who it is exactly.  coincidentally, i think luis might be alex cora's platoon partner in new york.

1990 fleer mike fitzgerald
and jim deshaies
featuring the right field pavilion and visitors' bullpen at dodger stadium, respectively.  i always get a kick out of seeing people behind the fence.

1990 upper deck alfredo griffin
another dodger stadium double play turn captured on cardboard.  apparently the sun is always shining in chavez ravine.  that's a nice pose by alfredo, by the way.

finally, here's a 1991 fleer jose vizcaino
with bip roberts trying to break up the double play!  vizcaino may be the unlikeliest guy to wear number 44.  aaron, reggie, mccovey, and vizcaino.

that's it - sorry to have kept these cards buried for so long!


Anonymous said...

Nice cards.

Fortunately, Alex Cora only starts day games after night games for the Mets. (Not that the 2010 version of Luis Castillo is going to be mistaken for an all-star.)

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Double play cards rock