04 May 2010

don't you hate it when someone walks into your photo?

you know that joe amalfitano could have waited a couple more moments before ambling into the frame of this 1990 fleer update dave hansen card
fungoes aren't that important, joey.  fleer also could have cropped the photo to eliminate the dodgers' coach but maybe they wanted to show hansen's soccer shinguards.

here's the big cat on his 1998 fleer sports illustrated world series fever card, with paul konerko entering the photo as the cameraman snapped away
another easy to crop photo, but obviously fleer wanted the dodgers' prospect in the photo.  not sure why.

raul mondesi encroaches on jt snow's 2000 topps card
jt is in a nice crouch with the neopolitan background of wall, grass and dirt and the photographer siezes the moment only to have rauuuuuuuuuuuul try to get back to the bag.  incidentally, this card kind of reminds me of reggie smith's 1983 topps card, with mondesi playing the part of ryne sandberg.
next up is ken landreaux's 1983 fleer card, with a photo taken in dodger stadium
how long do you think the photographer waited to see if the usher would move out of the way?  and why didn't he just take a step to his left and have landreaux's body blocking out the usher?  was the usher playing a game of cat and mouse with the photographer?  he is in kind of a defiant pose.

next, we have ken griffey jr showing up on his dad's 1991 upper deck card.
senior looks to be telling the kid to stay out of his shot 'or so help me i will introduce you to the back of my hand so fast it will make your head spin and your cap appear to be on backwards'.

finally, we have the elusive (until last saturday) 1968 topps walter alston - one of the nefarious 9.
i don't know who that is or what they are doing in the background (farmer blow?) but they could have had the decency to let the skipper have his moment alone.

here's to you and your impeccable sense of timing, background lurker!

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i sense a new series on gcrl... photobomb!