23 May 2010

i was in milwaukee 8 years ago today...

...to witness one of the greatest individual offensive achievements in baseball history.  shawn green went 6 for 6, with 5 extra base hits, 4 home runs, 19 total bases.  he also scored 6 times and drove in 7 in the dodgers' 16-3 romp over the brew crew.

the following year, there were a few cards that addressed the feat, including this 2003 upper deck season highlight/checklist card (one of many cool cards i received from play at the plate the other day)
another cool card is the 2003 upper deck standing o jersey card which printed the dodger portion of the box score on the front
i remember going nuts when adrian beltre hit his two-out homerun in the top of the 9th, giving green another shot at hitting a 4th homerun (green had singled in his 5th at bat).  and then, when green actually connected it was just unbelievable.  somewhere i have the scorecard that i kept along with the ticket stub and all of that, but these cards are just as helpful in reminding me of what a great performance i witnessed eight years ago today.

here's to you shawn green!

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MrMopar said...

Reminds me of a Game Garvey had in 1977 I believe. He went 5 for 5 and although his stats were not as lofty as Green's, it was one heck of an offensive day. I ended up locating the stub for my collection, even though I was not in attendance.