13 May 2010

it turns out, win remmerswaal was aptly named

win remmerswaal pitched in a total of 22 major league games for the boston red sox over the 1979 and 1980 seasons.  of his 4 career decisions, 3 were victories.
the second batter he faced in the big leagues (gorman thomas) took him deep.  two days later, remmerswaal 'earned' his first major league win even though he gave up 3 runs in his 3 innings of work.  he would finish 1979 with a 7.08 era and a whip of 1.87, but a record of 1-0.  in 1980, he fared a little better statistically, posting a 4.58 era and 1.36 whip while winning 2 and losing 1. in fact, the two games he won that year were the only wins the red sox achieved in the 14 games in which remmerswaal appeared, indicating that he may have been a mop up kind of guy. still, his career numbers include a babip against him of .341 which would seem to preclude him from gaining too many wins.

apparently his first name is 'wilhelmus' but he went by 'win' instead of 'wil'.  maybe his name should have been 'lucky'!

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Bo said...

His post baseball life has been neither "win" nor "lucky"