29 May 2010

how does gene garber spell relief? e-m-u!

gene garber fulfilled my recent ttm request, and i received my 1978 topps card back in the mail today.
lookin' good.  but that's not all garber sent.  he also included this business card:
here's the link for you, so you can check his site out for yourself.  apparently emu oil is an ancient aboriginal secret.

funnily enough, that wasn't the only business card i received in the mail today.  mickey hatcher sent one, too:

there were a couple of cards in the envelope from hatcher, too.  in fact, these two card were sent about 11 months ago!  still, i'm glad to have them back.  there was a 1989 fleer world series card:
i love the look that lurker glenn hubbard is giving mickey as he sprinted around the bases.  the other card was the 1991 upper deck '666' card with the giant glove
maybe this is a sign - i should call mickey and buy a ticket to fly to pennsylvania and visit the garber emu farm.

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