08 May 2010

catching up on some 2010 goose joak originals

i couldn't let one of the few positive experiences the dodgers have had recently pass by without commemmorating it with a 2010 goose joak original.  i'm talking about andre ethier's walk off grand slam thursday night.
a nice 'welcome home' shot of ethier and the lurking teammates.  that's garret anderson and the helmeted guys are james loney and jamey carroll, both of whom were on base.

here's another angle on the granny
get out of town.  i had previously made an ethier card using a photo from the dodgers' first homestand
but i have no problem making multiples.

here's john ely, who was making his second start thursday night and pitched well in doing so.
i'm hoping the roster move that corresponds to jeff weaver's return will be the release of ramon ortiz and not the demotion of ely.

here's a nice dp shot featuring the now-injured rafael furcal
i also made a few cards for fun, like this matt kemp/andre ethier classic combo type card
as well as a few non dodger cards, simply because i thought the getty photos rocked.

here's milwaukee's ryan braun
i've mentioned a few times that i'm a sucker for the back photo.  i'm also fond of cards that feature the exxon cars in the giants' stadium, and i found a similar image from the oakland coliseum featuring matt carson
and, as much as i don't care for alex rodriguez, i thought this getty photo was awesome.
there is so much potential energy in his pose, and the lights really add something to the shot.

finally, a card that takes some getting used to.  at least for me.
i am really happy to see vlad doing well in texas, but he just doesn't look right in their unis.


night owl said...

Ely did get demoted :(

Hopefully, he'll be back soon.

Captain Canuck said...

aren't they Chevron cars?

at least, they are north of the border....