10 May 2010

he's not an athlete, he's a baseball player

billy cox was the dodger's third baseman in the early 1950's, and was known as quite a glove man.  here's his 1954 bowman card
cox was one of the players featured in roger kahn's book 'the boys of summer', even though he was traded to baltimore prior to the dodgers' championship year in 1955.  i don't recall how kahn referred to cox, but i'm sure it was nicer than the bowman writers.
he's so frail looking that he couldn't possibly be an athlete?  at 5'-8.5" and 150 pounds, i would say skinny.  or slender.  even scrawny, maybe.  but frail?

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

Some of those Bowman backs are absolutely weird. Nice find!