27 May 2010

the 'perfect' background lurkers card

here's another one of my favorite cards - it's the 1992 topps tom lasorda card.
lasorda, who was in the midst of his slim fast ways and still using his feet rather than a golf cart to get around, is surrounded by a litany of dodger lurkers.  gary carter, kevin gross, john candelaria, orel hershiser and bobby ojeda. 

with all of those pitchers, there are a total of 638 career victories accounted for on this card.  lasorda, of course, contributes 0 to that total.  at least he's one of the two hall of famers featured.

here's to you, 1992 topps tom lasorda (with all of your background lurkers) - you're perfection on cardboard!

1 comment:

Paul said...

That's a great card. I have it (& all its parallels) in my Gary Carter collection.