18 March 2010

i didn't make it to twinsfest this year, but...

in addition to being able to live vicariously through droidtrader's many posts, as well as those of crackin' wax, i have been doing fairly well with twins through the mail over the past year.

here's a sampling

1976 topps dave goltz
this was part of a second request to the former dodger.  i showcased the first attempt (which was also a success) here.

1978 topps dan ford
disco dan signed this 1978 card, as well as a 2004 upper deck legends card which i'll show off in a later post.  i remember dan from his angels days more than his time with the twins, but i love love love this card.

1983 jim eisenreich
jim is another former dodger, although he had way fewer dodger cards than goltz.  he did sign one of them for me, along with the 83 card shown above.

1984 donruss gary gaetti
one of the 'g-men' for the twinkies.  gaetti signed a few cards c/o baseball usa in houston.  he owns one of my favorite nicknames - 'the rat'.

1984 fleer tom brunansky
like gaetti, bruno signed a couple of cards for me.  i wasn't in minnesota at the time, but even i was shocked at the brunansky for tommy herr trade in early 1988.

1989 topps jeff reardon
the terminator is a great ttm signer, and i think he signed 3 or 4 cards for me.  the closer for the 87 world champion twins, reardon finished 4 of the 7 games and got the save in game 7.

1990 upper deck greg gagne
the other 'g-man' on the twinkies' two world series championship teams.  another former dodger, i have gone to the gaetti ttm well a few times, and he has not disappointed me.

1991 upper deck juan berenguer
berenguer was reardon's set up guy on the 87 team before going to atlanta in 91 to be their closer.  he was, of course, on the losing end of that stick, but not the way you think.  he broke his arm late in the season and missed the braves' run from worst to first.  around here, berenguer is best known for his trenchcoat and briefcase ensemble.  in fact, his bobblehead a few years ago featured that outfit.  he also signed his badass 1984 donruss card, as well as his dodger stadium featured 1992 upper deck card.

2005 donruss champions doug mientkiewicz
yet another dodger.  minky signed this and 3 other cards for me c/o the dodgers.  i sent them last summer and just got them back a couple of weeks ago.  i was a big supporter of mientkiewicz when he was here, although there's no way i keep him over justin morneau.

2009 topps allen and ginter michael cuddyer
the best active player autograph in baseball.  i love getting this guy to sign stuff.

of all of these guys, i think only goltz, berenguer and cuddy were scheduled to be at twinsfest.  still, it was the first time i had missed it in 10 years, so i am looking forward to standing in some lines next january!

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topher said...

I didn't know that you go to Twinsfests. Where do you live?