21 March 2010

my obligatory 2010 topps heritage post

well, i figured i should post about the rack pack of heritage i bought.  i really haven't bought too much retail  this year, focusing instead on trades and team sets on ebay.  but, i wanted to open a pack so i found one with a dodger on top.  now, don't get upset with me - the wrappers on the rack packs are see through and i quickly saw the 'los angeles dodgers' text showing through.  here's what i wound up with:

jim thome
so happy that there are dodger cards being made of thome.  looking forward to the high numbers twins version of this, too.

james loney
two dodgers.  not bad. 

michael cuddyer
and joe nathan
it's too bad nathan is injured.  the whole state had high hopes for the first season in the new ballpark.

i also got a high number (carlos lee) and this shiny former twin, johan santana
along with a nice al kaline insert
i don't think 'claims back' is a proper phrase.  'reclaims', anyone? 

i was hoping to get a combo card just to see how they reworked some of those 1961 classics.  it's too bad there isn't a martin or ausmus brother that pitches for the dodgers.  it would have been nice to see a remake of this awesome 1961 card
here's where most people seem to mention the 'blah' design of 1961.  not me. i kinda like it, even though the rest of the pack has been emptied into my trade box as i am not going to collect this set.

i'm really not looking forward to 2017 though...

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