09 March 2010

saying goodbye to the 3 dog

willie davis died earlier today at the age of 69.

i asked willie to sign some cards through the mail last november, and he delivered.  although he left the dodgers before i became a fan, i would often read about him and see his name atop many (la) franchise leader boards.  and, when players like rudy law came up and talked about him, i would listen and learn.  when players like tony gwynn talked about growing up as a fan, i would listen and learn some more.  it seems that davis really must have been a special player.  i think it would be appropriate if the dodgers were to wear a commemmorative patch this season, as he very likely was the greatest la dodger (thanks to the trade of mike piazza to the marlins).

here are the cards willie signed for me (for a fee of $10 each)

1962 topps
1964 topps
1967 topps
1972 topps
1973 topps
rest in peace, willie davis.

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Play at the Plate said...

Nice cards...especially that '73. RIP Willie Davis.