08 March 2010

sorry mr. calmus, i'm more interested in what's going on behind you

dinged corners wants to know 'what's your favorite card where the main action isn't the reason you like the card?' well, i'm not sure if it's my favorite card of that type, but dick calmus' 1964 topps card is certainly one of them.
i am a fan of cards with 'lurkers' as you may or may not know, and this card features nate oliver lurking, or perhaps even skulking, in the background. 
upon further inspection, i can't help but wonder if oliver (identified by his number 29 jersey) and an unknown teammate even further in the background are participating in the currently forbidden game of pepper!?!?!


Dave said...

Such an awesome card -- thanks for sharing!

night owl said...

Heh, I mentioned this card once on the blog, too. Damned if I can find the entry now, though.

Dinged Corners said...

That is such a great, beautifully balanced, wildly complex background that it almost brings tears to our eyes. greatness