19 March 2010

getting to third base is perfection

i haven't posted about any 'perfection on cardboard' in a while, so i'll hit two of my favorite cards in this post.  it just so happens that this 1992 topps darryl strawberry
and this 1992 upper deck chris gwynn
have more in common than just being two of my favorite cards.  i contend that they depict back-to-back plays.

why do i say this?  well, they both feature shea stadium as a backdrop.  and, you can see that the lurker in strawberry's card is gwynn pulling into second as strawberry rounds third.  note on the scoreboard that it's the 2nd inning, and the count is 3 balls 2 strikes.  then gwynn's card shows him being forced at third (notice that gregg jefferies' arm is cocked as if he were going to try for a double play).  so, i figured i would try to find a game that featured the dodgers at shea in 1991, with gwynn, strawberry and a force of gwynn at third.

how about july 21, 1991?  dodgers at mets.  strawberry singles off of dwight gooden to start the 2nd.  gwynn walks.  lenny harris singles on a 3-2 pitch, with strawberry scoring and gwynn stopping at second.  mike scioscia grounds to third, and jefferies forces gwynn but is unable to get either harris or the speedy scioscia at first.  i think we have a match.

for those of you expecting something along the lines of meat loaf, phil rizzuto, and ellen foley, go here instead.

here's to you, 1992 topps darryl strawberry and 1992 upper deck chris gwynn - 'on a hot summer night' you were perfect.


shoeboxlegends said...

Awesome post, nice sleuthing!

--David said...

Perfection! I love these. You do an incredible amount of research for something many folks don't even think twice about. And then they read this, and think, "Ya know, I should do that!"

gcrl said...

wait'll you guys see the post on monday. talk about sleuthing!

SpastikMooss said...

Well done! Saw your comment on my 92 Topps post and that led me here - very cool bit o' research there!